Connecting Compassionate Nurses to Caring Communities

We help nurses create the rewarding work-life balance they seek while providing staffing solutions to smaller hospitals.

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Learn More About Nurses Who Care.

Nurses Who Care is a travel nurse staffing agency, unlike others. We are a nonprofit, focused on serving smaller communities, putting meaningful work relationships ahead of profits.

Why Nurses Choose

Nurses Who Care

We know you provide your best care when you feel valued, respected, and have a healthy work-life balance. Nurses Who Care helps you achieve that balance by considering your needs before presenting you for a placement.

Our locations are often off the beaten path in smaller communities where their hearts are welcoming, and you will be valued and appreciated.

Nurses Who Care also offers what few staffing agencies do; we provide “serve grants” for you to volunteer in under-resourced communities, with travel and expenses provided.

Let Nurses Who Care help you find a place that appreciates your heart and skill. We provide:

Personal Attention

We will be there every step of the way, from recruiting to contract completion.


It’s important to you and it’s important to us. You will get all the information on a placement upfront, no surprises.

Our Promise

We promise your work will matter, you will be deeply appreciated and well compensated.

Why Hospitals Choose
Nurses Who Care

Finding compassionate nurses with the right heart and skill can be difficult for smaller hospitals in today’s market. Nurses Who Care will be the solution to your staffing challenges. We provide: 

Crafted Database

In-house database of over 700 experienced nurses committed to providing high-quality care.

Selective Recruiting

We are selective in our recruitment process, recruiting nurses with a servant-heart, exceptional skills and looking for the road less traveled. 

Tailored Solutions

Agreements tailored to your staffing needs and competitive bill rates.

We Offer What Few Do

Our nurses are mission-minded, with a heart to serve others in need. Nurses Who Care offers what few staffing agencies do. We provide “serve grants,” so nurses can volunteer on mission trips in under-resourced and underserved locations, with travel and expenses provided.

As a nonprofit, Nurses Who Care donates 100% of its net revenues to fund Global Care Force, our sister organization. Global Care Force is a nonprofit that sends volunteer health care professionals to under-resourced communities around the globe.