Seriously, our nurses are different.

Why Nurses Who Care?

We take great satisfaction in partnering with smaller hospitals to find solutions to their unique staffing needs. We understand the importance of a hospital to their community, and that patients are often their neighbors, family members or friends. What sets us apart:

We Are a Nonprofit

As a nonprofit, Nurses Who Care donates 100% of its net revenues to fund our sister organization, Global Care Force.

Proven Experience

We understand staffing. Our team brings over 30 years of experience.

Focus on Smaller Hospitals

We take pride in understanding your unique needs as a small hospital.

Selective Recruitment

Our nurses are more than names in a database. Our process includes a rigorous screening and reference check.

Partnerships Built to Last

We are here for the long haul. We build relationships based on trust, respect and dedication to our partners.

Built on a Solid Foundation of Success

Nurses Who Care builds upon a successful entrepreneurial model. Dr. Gary Morsch, who founded Docs Who Care nearly 30 years ago, launched Nurses Who Care as a companion organization to address the unique needs of rural hospitals. Docs Who Care now partners with over 250 sites and hundreds of providers.