We're Here For You.

Our Mission

Nurses Who Care provides highly-skilled, compassionate nurses to partner hospitals in smaller communities facing staffing challenges.

Our Values

Respect for Nurses

Excellence in Patient Care

Commitment to Integrity

Dedication to Community

Our Vision

We aspire to connect nurses to their passion for nursing while providing long-term, sustainable staffing solutions for hospital partners.

Our Story

Nurses Who Care started in 2021 as Gary Morsch, MD, saw the ongoing need for nurses in remote, rural, and under-resourced communities. He saw the burnout and compassion fatigue experienced by many nurses feeling underappreciated and the need for a healthy work-life balance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Morsch knew he could do something for nurses and communities in need.

Founded on a commitment of service to others, Nurses Who Care understands the importance smaller hospitals have in their communities. We look for something special in our nurses. We only contract with nurses focused on providing excellent care while aspiring to impact communities in a positive way.

Nurses Who Care builds upon three decades of proven entrepreneurial experience. Dr. Morsch started Docs Who Care in 1995, a physician staffing agency serving rural hospitals in the Midwest. Docs Who Care now partners with over 250 hospitals and hundreds of docs, NPs, and PAs and continues to grow.